Contest Information

Location : C.H. Collins Stadium – 1500 Long Road Denton, TX (Mapquest)

Stadium : Artificial turf – no track. Seating for 8,000 on home side.

Parking : When you first arrive, please drive all busses and equipment trucks to the west side of the stadium for bus parking. Parking assistants will be on duty to assist, and guides will meet you and direct you to the check-in area. (See enclosed map)

Director Check-in : Each band will be met at the check-in table by a monitor. The monitor will stay with you until the band exits the field of competition. Please give your completed ANOUNNCER’S SHEET (PDF or Word format) to the monitor (unless you have faxed it prior to 940-369-4953).

Warm-Up Areas : Warm-Up areas will be available as indicated on the enclosed map. The band guides will direct each band to the designated area. Each band will have forty (40) minutes for a physical/musical warm up. Bands should not play before entering the warm-up area. Drums may warm-up on heads with the band only at the designated warm-up time. PLEASE NOTE: Bands moving to and from the warm-up area should not use whistles or drum cadences. All bands must face away from the stadium during warm-up. Amplified metronomes needs to face away from the stadium, be kept at a low level, and used only during the musical warm-up time. In order to reduce the length of wait before moving on to the field, moving time from the warm-up area to the stadium has been kept to an absolute minimum. All bands must be ready to move at the time designated on the enclosed schedule. The band monitor will notify each director five (5) minutes prior to moving from the warm-up area.

Performance Timing: Bands will have 15 minutes to Set-up, warm up (optional), perform, exit the field, and clear the marching surface (outside the sidelines and/or endlines) of all equipment, instruments and props. When the band is ready, or at the end of the first four minutes (whichever comes first) the announcer will begin reading the official script.

Judges : Music judges (2), GE judges (2) and the color guard judge will be located in the concourse underneath the press box. The marching and percussion judges will be on the field.

Entrance and Exit : Bands entering the field for competition will use the northwest gate. Upon conclusion of the performance, each band will exit by using the southwest gate. These directions are indicated on the enclosed map. Pit and percussion enter and exit with band.

Video : Each school will receive one video of the band’s performance. Miriam Records will also have standard VHS videos available for sale to parents. Directors can order DVD copies later. Please share this information with your parents. (Refer to enclosed information.)

Seating : All bands completing their performance may sit on the west side of the stadium only. The east stands will be closed to spectators.

Ratings : Ratings and awards will be announced per attached schedule.

Comment Sheets : Sheets will be available for directors in the hospitality room in the press box 30 minutes after the completion of each band’s performance.

Pit Percussion : Please have plenty of people to assist. No motorized vehicles to transport or pull pit equipment will be allowed on the field.

Conduct : The need for good discipline at this festival is readily apparent. Students should not move in the stands while a band is performing on the field. Instruments should not be played except in the warm-up area and in performance.

Rest room Facilities : Restrooms are available in the concession stand area on the north and south ends of the west stands.

Dressing : Band members should be in uniform when arriving at the contest, No dressing facilities, other than restrooms will be provided.

Concession Stands : Concession stands on the west side will be open to serve food and drinks.

Instrument Repair : An instrument repairman will be available during the contest.

Directors : There is a Director’s Hospitality Room located in the press box.

Please share with Band Parents:

  • Admission to the Golden Triangle Classic is $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for ages 12 and under. This is a one-time admission charge for Prelims and Finals.
  • Professionally produced videos of Prelims and Finals competition will be available for purchase from Miriam Records. Parents WILL NOT be allowed to video tape any performances.
  • Parking at C.H. Collins Athletic Complex is free.
  • Concessions will be available for food purchases through out the day at the contest site.
  • Patches and T-shirts will be available the day of the Marching Contest.


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The Golden Triangle Marching Classic offers a unique contest experience, using a mix of UIL and BOA scoring formats. It is the ideal opportunity for those bands who would like to transition into the BOA experience. Denton High School is also proud to host the UIL Region 2 Marching Contest on October 21st. The Golden Triangle Classic will serve as an excellent Pre-UIL performance.

The GTC will feature a judging panel made up of some of the finest adjudicators in the state of Texas. We look forward to making this event a truly memorable one for all students, directors, and parents involved. Classification is determined by the number of winds. Earliest postmark receives the latest time in each class. Contest open to the first 30 bands that enter.